West Midlands Heritage

Brand Identity

West Midlands Heritage Trust is a newly named group comprising three building preservation organisations; West Midlands Historic Buildings Trust, Worcestershire Building Preservation Trust and the City of Wolverhampton Regenerating Buildings Preservation Trust. They share their knowledge and experience in order to restore historic buildings at risk.

As well as projects to protect and rescue historic buildings, the Trusts organise a range of activities to encourage members and communities to get involved in their work, contributing to the future sustainability of the buildings they care for. They have successfully restored and put back into use 51 buildings in the area to date.


To develop a name and brand that would enable the group to have renewed impact as a collective in the protection of heritage buildings. Disproving the misunderstanding that they run museums, it would celebrate their work and draw new audiences to the heritage sector.


The name needed to accurately represent the identity of three separate groups. Photography was a key part of their visual language so any graphic elements needed to compliment this. There was also a balance to maintain between contemporary and historic themes, placing value on the latter whilst keeping the contemporary cultural landscape in mind.


We experimented with a variety of names, some abstract and some more literal. Although the initial plan to remove the place name altogether was liked, it was decided that - to build on each group’s success and reputation so far - it was important to acknowledge where they’d started. West Midlands Heritage Trust was a compact way of doing so, clearly communicating who they are, what they do and where they do it.

To begin developing a new identity for WMHT, we examined the shapes of the buildings they specialise in looking after, experimenting with their shapes and finding ways to embed them within the brand system. We took inspiration from the arches and pillars in particular, noticing their similarity to the ‘W’ and ‘M’ and ‘H’ in the organisation’s new name. Combining the two ideas, an interlocking logo began to take shape that encompassed the essence of the organisation.

The pillar and archway shapes can also be used to frame photographs on posters and social media, mimicking the way pillars and archways frame what stands behind them.


The new West Midlands Heritage Trust will launch in early 2024 with a brand that shouts about their achievements, attracts newcomers to the sector and contributes to the future security of the buildings they have worked so hard to protect.