Unbound the Greyhound

Brand Identity / Animation / Copywriting / Printed Materials

OneKind is an independent animal welfare charity based in Edinburgh. They have been fighting for the rights of companion, farmed and wild animals, as well as those in animal testing, since 1901. They bring about positive change for animals through high-profile campaigns, political lobbying, investigations and public education. 

By working with like-minded organisations across the globe to promote compassionate lifestyle choices, OneKind are creating a world in which humans empathise with other animals, treating them with kindness, dignity and compassion.


OneKind came to us on the edge of a breakthrough in dog welfare, looking for a campaign to bolster traction in an exciting push to ban dog racing in Scotland for good.

The campaign needed to capitalise on rapidly decreasing demand for the sport and required engagement with multiple partners, with outputs designed for web, out of home and print. 


The subject matter was difficult to navigate and the statistics risked frightening people away, despite the fact that they’d likely support the case to ban dog-racing. We had to be mindful of this, seeking means of communicating the information in a way that gained traction without fear factor.

One Kind Campaign - Glasgow Street
One Kind Campaign - Glasgow Street


To find the best way of doing so, we facilitated workshops with animal charities from across the U.K and U.S and revealed Scotland to be a renowned dog nation. The fight to ban dog racing was pushing at an open door, requiring a strategic and simple concept that would build on what audiences instinctively knew: all dogs warrant the same degree of care as the ones we keep at home.  

We decided to combine hard-hitting statistics within a friendly, storybook format, appealing to an audience that had the best interest of dogs at heart and didn’t require convincing. In addition to the campaign posters, we designed an original and engaging call to action with scratch cards that revealed the QR code to sign the petition, directly addressing an audience that would be aware of dog-racing as a sport.


The animation was projected on to major buildings in Glasgow and Edinburgh and OneKind have since been invited to host promotional events for the cause in Lush stores across both cities. In November, the campaign surpassed it's target of 20,000 signatories, gaining celebrity endorsement from Chris Packham, Ricky Gervais, Megan McCubbin and Peter Egan. We continue to work with OneKind, finding innovative solutions to address animal welfare issues across the nation.

Find out more about Unbound the Greyhound and sign the open letter here.