The Boardwalk

Brand Identity / Website / Booking System / Printed Materials

The Boardwalk is a new venue hire space in Glasgow established by Impact Arts, a charity transforming lives through art and creativity and tackling inequality with creative engagement. 

The project is aimed at corporate organisations as well as art, theatre and dance groups, using a pay it forward model to allow the latter to afford professional studio spaces whilst providing a unique, mission-led venue for companies outside of the arts.


Impact Arts required a name and brand identity for the site that would set it apart from the main charity and attract corporate companies, charities and arts professionals. The brand was to be rolled out to a corresponding website and accessible booking system.


The brand identity needed to appeal to creative groups as well as corporate organisations, the latter of which would fund the lower hire rates for art, leisure and wellbeing classes, feeding back into the success of the main charity.


We began by facilitating a naming workshop, revealing the building’s local reputation as a safe oasis in the city. Combined with inspiration found in the wooden walkway outside the building, we established the name The Boardwalk and developed a dynamic brand system to reflect the initial concept.

This process ensured the brand we established was relevant to the local creative community as well as the most recognisable elements of the building. By doing so, we could speak to corporate businesses who regularly pass through the Merchant City and recognise the building, as well as remaining loyal to the bustling arts community that are familiar with Impact Arts.


We have since designed and built the website for the venue, ensuring The Boardwalk is represented with the professionalism and individuality the project warrants.