International Network of Street Papers (INSP)

Brand Identity

The International Network of Street Papers is a non-profit organisation fighting to eliminate local poverty and homelessness. They support street papers around  the world to start up, develop and scale using regional networks, events and peer-to-peer learning.

Their membership includes titles from 35 different countries in 25 different languages, boasting 3.2 million readers worldwide. By connecting papers around the world, they support their members to transcend obstacles and join a global fight against poverty.


The organisation needed a brand to support the next stage of their expansion. They were winners of our Brand for Growth programme in 2021 and their readiness for change contributed to the success of their entry. 

By working with sellers on a local level, the immediate impact of their work is felt more strongly than that of similar organisations. It was key to represent this through their branding, communicating how a small change in approach can grow into a global movement. 


The brand needed to speak to a wide range of people without losing a sense of its own identity - it required a sensitivity to the geopolitics of different places. By approaching these topics with nuance, we could deliver a visual language that addressed the diversity of their membership base with equal impact throughout.


We combined traditional signifiers of boundary pushing journalism, including blocked out lettering and traditional letterpress type, with a minimal use of colour, bringing the organisation’s messaging to the forefront and highlighting specific elements in yellow to lift the monochrome palette.

The bright colour contradicts the seriousness of the subject matter, shining an optimistic light on a challenging topic. It can also be used as a modular system to underline, censor and protect the identities of the people in their campaigns, working functionally as well as aesthetically.  


The brand has been rolled out online and across social media, making sure their message catches the attention of all those that might benefit from their help. The organisation is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and they are hosting the Global Street Paper Summit in Liverpool in September 2024.

Brand for Growth

This project was made possible due to our generous funders. Read more about the Brand for Growth programme and how you can get involved.