Fair Change Co.

Brand identity / Printed Materials 

Fair Change Co is the trading arm of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum. Driven by the principles of Fair Trade, they provide tailored advisory, education and training services to partners looking to enhance their social impact.


They required a new brand identity to differentiate the trading arm from the parent company, capitalising on its success whilst also establishing them as a new and individual service provider. 


The brand needed to avoid the tropes of fair trade organisations whilst remaining recognisable, making use of well-known motifs but bringing them into the contemporary landscape.


A modern colour palette and striking typeface avoided traditional representations of ethical trading, communicating Fair Trade Co as ahead of the game within the sector, skilled and confident in their ability to bring about real terms change.


By providing the organisation with the modern identity it warrants, we helped it to bolster the reputation of the ethical market, ensuring it can compete with traditional businesses. In light of the impact the rebrand had for Fair Change Co, we have been commissioned to rebrand the main organisation in 2024.