Eco Drama

Brand Identity / Animation / Web Design

Eco Drama have been creating inspiring theatrical experiences and creative learning projects for children, young people and their communities for over 15 years. 

Their work explores how we can use the transformative power of the arts, nature connection and outdoor education as a catalyst for social and environmental change.

Eco Drama’s theatre productions, outdoor learning projects, training courses and creative projects are delivered in schools, theatres, community venues and festivals throughout Scotland and beyond.



Eco Drama was chosen for a rebrand as part of our Brand for Growth program, funded by The Scottish Government and Bold Studio. They approached us during a period of transition, seeking a brand that could encapsulate the enchantment of their work.

The revitalised brand aimed to shift perceptions regarding the production standards of charity-based organizations while simultaneously resonating with a diverse audience.



The task at hand was to fashion a brand that resonated with older children while still embracing the organisations loyal core audience. Moreover, there was a pressing need to broaden the reach to encompass educators, parents, schools, and adults, while fostering greater participation in their CPD workshops and training sessions.


Our approach involved crafting a brand that heavily relied on illustration. Employing gritty textures and crayon effects, we infused a handmade aesthetic into the brand. Complementing this were photographs showcasing the quality of the productions.

The wordmark featured letters designed to convey a sense of liveliness and excitement, evoking feelings of joy and wonderment. Drawing inspiration from elements found in nature, particularly those that children could discover while playing outdoors, the illustrations added a playful touch to the brand.



The recently launched brand has been successfully integrated into Eco Drama's new website, sparking an overwhelmingly positive response. With this refreshed identity in place, the organisation has experienced remarkable growth and progress. We wholeheartedly encourage you to explore their productions and witness the magic firsthand