Breeze Digital

Brand Identity / Naming / Website / Illustration / Printed Materials

Breeze is a digital support service that helps third sector organisations decode the digital world. They support charities, voluntary organisations and community groups to overcome digital barriers and embed technology into their organisations, helping them to work smarter and bring lasting results.

Breeze deliver hands-on support that plugs the gaps in capacity and resourcing common within non-profit groups, combining their digital expertise and industry awareness to deliver digital marketing, strategy and education programmes for the people that need it the most.


The brand needed to clearly communicate their services without jargon, appealing to people who find themselves excluded from the digital realm.

It needed to be friendly and open but also professional, illustrating their understanding and appreciation for the third sector as well as their digital expertise.


It can be challenging to communicate the importance of digital skills to demographics that feel out of the loop. We had to dispel the idea that the digital realm is exclusive, emphasising the empowerment that can come with learning new skills within a safe environment and fighting the assumption that there’s a right time to become technologically literate.


By toying with old and new motifs of technology including pixels, floppy discs and instant messaging, we presented digital skills as fun and light-hearted, drawing attention to the benefits of learning them and detracting from the elements people find challenging. The imagery accurately represents the area of Breeze’s expertise whilst counteracting any negative assumptions those coming to them for support may have.



The brand has since been applied to the website and printed collateral, ensuring Breeze is able to make the skills they teach appeal to people and organisations at all points of their digital journey. Currently in use across a series of digital skills workshops across deprived areas of Scotland, the brand we created is helping individuals to engage with the digital realm safely, supporting their day to day lives, businesses and goals.