“Bold pushed us to capture the essence of what we were striving for at One World Shop, their approach and style to the rebranding process was spot on.”

Rachel Farey | Chief Executive, One World Shop

“We are delighted to be able to celebrate our 30th year with a new brand that is modern and forward-looking, but also connects with our history. We are grateful to the team at Bold Studio in helping us navigate the process with participation from the whole organisation.”

Johanna Boyd | Chief Executive, Planning Aid Scotland

“I'm delighted at the progress and working relationship with Bold Studio. The bespoke aspect to the process has been greatly appreciated - colleagues commented on feeling energised and inspired by our work together.”

Rob Bushby | Chief Executive, Awards Plus

“Thanks to your work we’ve had our first commitment to the fund! We are very excited and it’s a multi-million commitment for a launch in September.”

Josh Meek | Big Issue Invest

“Bold Studio took the time to get to know who we were and what we were. The creative process was excellent.”

Mike Staples | Chef Executive, Sosch