Wellbeing Works renamed and rebranded

    Wellbeing Works


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    Wellbeing Works needed a bold new skin to reflect its new self. An organisation with years at the heart of mental health provision in Dundee with a positive and outgoing approach. The organisation was fed up with it's legacy title - DAMH that it felt was not reflective of its mindset, stuck in the past and though well known was holding it back. Bold helped though a branding and naming workshop to facilitate a name change that made everyone breathe easy and re-invigorated enthusiasm within the project that has been felt all round Dundee. Dundee city is carrying itself tall these days and Wellbeing Works is on the same trajectory with funky new premises in a former electricity works (echoed in the name), a new cafe on the horizon and loads of new participants and volunteers pushing forward with innovative services and joined up thinking.

    The new design echoes the feeling of new growth with a light and airy feel. The branding is extended into a beautiful repeat pattern which works as a border and texture and is well used in all their new materials. This project was facilitated courtesy of the Scottish Government's Brand for Growth initiative delivered by Bold.