Social Enterprise Map

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The Social Enterprise Support Map first iteration was the commonly known printed fold-out map with distinctive lines and junctions representing categories, organisations and initiatives. This useful tool for individuals and support organisations has since evolved into a live directory of categorised support listings as well as a Social Enterprise forum with a focus on enterprising support in Scotland.

The new online edition of the Social Enterprise Support Map allows for up-to-date and accesible information on national, regional and thematic organisations and initiatives. It seeks to open the doors to the sector to expand, shape and bring life to this online platform over time with editing, forum and testimonial submission admins and authorisations for each listed organisation or initiative. The double approach to directory searches and unique categorisation of listings and forum entries have all been developed with the help of third sector focus groups with user accessibility in mind. 

The design has retained the inherited 'map' theme with an extensive set of bespoke iconography and illustrations. Arial font, large buttons with unique icons and accessible colour contrast and have been used throughout to help the user find the right support available for the enterprising third sector.