Bold is a full service agency. In other words we are a one stop shop for all your branding, design, publication, digital and advertising needs. We can also apply our creative aptitude to the unspecified areas that make your business or organisation unique. Please click on the headings below for more detail.


    Where possible, our approach is based on co-creation or collaborative creation principles. This means we work closely with our clients, staff, stakeholders and where possible end users. We believe this approach gives us a stronger and more robust outcome that is cross checked and fit for purpose. Though workshops and regular client visits, we are able to gain a better understanding of the business proposition and its complexities. We believe all our clients are creative and by working closely together we are able to articulate the right messages and tell the appropriate stories.

    Brand Identity

    Your brand is how your organisation is perceived by ­ well, everyone. A good understanding and use of branding will help your organisation have the look and tone of voice that really speaks to your audience and will help you to compete in an increasingly difficult marketplace whether it be for customers or sustained funding. We help our clients to create an impact that is both appropriate and meaningful.

    BOLD is known for its exacting standards and creative thinking in this department and is ideally placed to dissect and develop new or existing brands into effective strategic assets. In recent times we have transformed a number of organisations to great effect and are particular specialists in branding for social enterprise and the third sector.

    Graphic Design and Illustration

    Whether crafting a logo to represent a whole organisation or designing a beautiful book or publication to engage the reader, both tasks require bucket­loads of talent, passion and attention to detail. Our small but committed team of fully trained and highly experienced designers have all that and more.

    We love to mastermind attractive yet logical diagrams, create the perfect look for arresting promotional material or figure out just the right packaging design.

    We have a lot of experience in developing even the most ambitious publications. Working closely with our clients we are able to get across the stories that can often be difficult to tell.

    Over the past 12 months we have designed materials for organisations working with some of the most challenged groups in our society. Our methodology in these circumstances is highly consultative, we regularly test our work with our clients and end users making adjustments until it not only looks great but is fully accessible to the intended audience.

    Marketing Strategies and Research
    Our marketing strategies are based on academic principles, sound research and oodles of field experience. Using classic techniques and creative approaches, we help you understand brand position, define clearly who is your market and how best to communicate with them. The marketing team works hand in hand with the design team to ensure that what is developed for the client, fits with our research, and that all campaigns look and work as they should.
    Website Design and Digital Marketing

    The internet is one of the most effective channels for reaching your audience. Whether it's selling something, telling your story, showing your successes, providing information or collecting data, we make sure we design something that works for you and is practically built for delivery across all device types; computer, tablet and mobile. We are able to help you think through your website requirements and come up with a wireframe, spec and design that will achieve your goals online. All our websites are easily edited at the drop of a hat from a password protected admin section. We can also assist with digital marketing techniques to drive engaged traffic to your site on an ongoing basis.

    Public Relations and Social Media

    Making sure you maximise consumer engagement and push your messages to the widest audience is paramount for any marketing campaign. Strategic use of PR and understanding best use of social media will add value to your brand. We enable our clients to build meaningful relationships with their audiences by listening and responding.

    Advertising and Film Production

    Taking your product, service or event to the streets, raising the profile of your brand or telling your stories takes a great creative. Whether it be a billboard, social media advert or a short film, we love the challenge. A well managed campaign needn't cost a fortune either, smart advertising can be highly effective and BOLD is ideally placed to help you implement a campaign that fits your budget and gets results.