National Youth Choir of Scotland

    National Youth Choir of Scotland


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    A full scale re-brand for NYCOS, The National Youth Choir of Scotland. One of the top youth choirs in the world with an established programme of illustrious performances on the global circuit including regularly the Albert Hall, New York and European capitals.

    The organisation has moved on greatly since its origins 20- years ago and the branding no longer fitted the aspirations and direction of travel of the movement. After two workshopss, one with the management team and one with the young people themselves revealed that the new branding needed to balance youth with classical prowess. Engage with young people and portray an Arts performance group at the top of their game. They wanted something they could be proud of as wide awake and switched on young people, something that instead of being dull and stuffy would show youth singing as a contemporary, lively and rewarding thing to have in your life.

    The many strands and choirs called for some hard thinking to make sense of it in terms of brand architecture which even came down to considerations around naming and colour scheme.

    The website had to look incredible as well as cope with multiple audiences with very different needs, such as participants, parents, ticket buyers and the educational establishment. The UX architecture accommodated this by hooking first time visitors with their most prominent needs and providing a distinct landing page for each visitor stream. The website also connected to the CRM ThankQ via the API that allows data to be drawn from the members database.

    This project has been a resounding success for NYCOS, the young people now have a brand an identity they can be very proud of and Bold is very proud of it in our portfolio.