HMS Unicorn

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Brand for Growth, funded by Scottish Government as part of the 10 year Social Enterprise Strategy, was launched in 2019 and delivered by Bold to five successful candidates in it’s first year including HMS Unicorn.

HMS Unicorn is the oldest ship in Scotland and 6th oldest ship afloat in the world. It is open to the public and moored in Dundee harbour. She is 98% original and spent her life under an unusual looking roof which is as original and as historically significant as the vessel itself. HMS Unicorn attracted a small but steady visitor stream of maritime history buffs, engineering enthusiasts and families but had come to be best known in Dundee as a wedding venue.

Bold was tasked with rebranding HMS Unicorn and producing assets to promote and reflect its historic contributions and ambitions to be a global center for Maritime conservation excellence. Assets created include way-marking streetlamp flags to guide visitors in, exhibition information panels and staff uniforms to enhance the visitor experience on board.