Environmental Policy

Bold Studio

Part of Community Enterprise group

Community Enterprise group is committed to reducing the business’s environmental impact throughout all departmental activities. We acknowledge our environmental responsibilities and recognise our obligation to reduce the impact of business activities on the environment, while working to support the wider national environment strategy. We will achieve this goal through a policy of continual improvement and annual monitoring of environmental performance. 

This is linked to the Scottish Government Environmental Strategy for Scotland, which sets out a long-term vision and supporting outcomes for restoring Scotland’s natural environment and tackling the global climate crisis. Key thematic areas in the Plan include protecting our natural environment, tackling the climate emergency and the sustainable use of resources.

We are currently undertaking an organisation wide review to accurately quantify our current impact, from which we will monitor positive change.  Beyond this initial assessment, we will make efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a culture of environmental responsibility. We aim to implement a policy which will ensure compliance with the latest environmental legislation as a minimum practice.

A preliminary assessment indicated most significant impacts come from staff travel and our office buildings. We are dedicated to continuing with remote working, where possible, to reduce carbon emissions from travel while supporting our team’s wider wellbeing. We pledge to support the third sector throughout the country, irrespective of location but encourage staff use of public transport wherever is possible, specifically minimising the use of domestic flights.

Working with the Growing Climate Confidence scorecard system and internal record keeping, we will set annual targets for key areas of improvement, which will be monitored quarterly by our environmental committee and fed back to the senior management team, to ensure continued improvements are made.  

Within the next twelve months we will, as a minimum, ensure the following:

  • Review our environmental procedures to take account of changing national and international policy developments.
  • Deliver a staff climate change peer – peer learning programme.
  • Complete a full review of suppliers, contractors and partner organisations, making changes to more sustainable organisations where appropriate, to ensure an environmentally responsible supply chain.
  • Confirm our organisational carbon footprint and establish the percentage reduction we aim to achieve within a one, five and ten year timeframe.

Long term it is our vision to be able to tackle some of the larger impacts we have, which are currently out with our control. Working with landlords to consider green energy tariffs, retrofit improvements and offering EV charging options. During this longer time period we are also committed to:

  • Minimising consumption of natural resources, including energy, water and raw materials
  • Adapting organisation wide digital practices, after completing a digital environmental impact assessment, using technological advances to reduce our electronic footprint.
  • Reducing the production of waste and enforcing recycling procedures, while minimising the use of office consumables
  • Promoting environmental awareness within the whole staff team, our local community, with our clients and the wider third sector network to encourage collaboration and larger scale adaptive mitigation practices.