brand identity
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    9 months in the creation, the new Cyrenians brand was launched in October 2015. Our task was to unravel a complex business that was perceived primarily as a homeless charity. To simplify the relationships between each service and enterprise we created a map that categorised the 4 main service areas with roads leading in and out suggesting the journeys that individuals take when they come into contact with the Cyrenians. Individuals may access multiple services at different times or access only one for a short period; the map and graphic language developed help to tell this story.  

    The launch of the brand integrated Bus T-Sides, Street Wraps and Drum advertising throughout Edinburgh together with a social media campaign along side PR. The primary purpose of this campaign was to raise general awareness of the the Cyrenians, to launch the new brand identity and encourage more public interaction. The slogan ‘We all have a past, present and a future’ was adopted to support all advertising channels with a call to action #TellYourStory. 

    The campaign saw a staggering reach of 750,000 over it’s 3 week duration, many Facebook posts were often viewed by more than 15,000 individuals. Visits to the new website were also hugely encouraging, up by 1500%. As a result, the Cyrenians are now more visible than ever before, numbers of volunteers coming forward has significantly increased and a rise in funding means the business plan is on track for growth over the next 5 years.