Stay at home. Stay safe.

    Bold - COVID-19 Response

    With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis the Bold team are now fully connected and working from home for the safety of ourselves and society as a whole. All work is ongoing. Brand workshops are taking place by Zoom and meetings are taking by Skype or Zoom. The studio phone number remains the same and we are all available on our email and mobiles as normal.

    Communication insights at this time

    As brand specialists in the third sector arena I thought it might be helpful to share some of our initial thoughts on how the sands have immediately shifted and what it might mean for our branding strategy from here on.

    Online is everything

    In a flash almost ALL brand interactions are taking place online; bringing into sharp focus our online appearance. Our website, what we post on social media and how we come across on a video call are more important than ever before. We need to pull our socks up digitally and find new ways to stand out in a rather different looking environment.

    It's time to adapt

    We need to get to grips with the technology that can help us, and quickly discover new ways to deliver our services under new circumstances. We need to find our digital voice and keep doing what we do. Our colleagues and customers are all facing new challenges at work and at home so we need to be flexible and understanding in everything we do. This is no time to be a dinosaur.

    We need to evolve

    The clouds will surely clear at some point but some of our new working practices will stick. Expectations about what can be achieved online are never going back and the proven benefits for the planet mean that even when we can meet again - the online bar will be raised. Websites will be expected where possible to BE the service rather than simply advertise it. With everyone screen based noise at an all time high it might be time to tap into the power of motion graphics.

    Aim to flourish

    We all hope to come out the other side of this in good shape - personally, socially and commercially. For any of us that have downtime it could be an opportunity to get the spring cleaning done. Get our messaging in order, tidy up our websites, bash out our social media strategies and generally get ready to hit the ground running. The purpose led community is going to be vital so lets try to stay intact, stay in good shape and keep it together.